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Cancer Demystified: Exploring its Various Types, Causes, Prevention Strategies, and Beyond

Unravelling a cancer diagnosis is one of the most challenging revelations for any patient; not only are the physical challenges complex to gloss over but also the impact a cancer screening can have on the patient’s mental well-being is also an enclosable factor. Despite the vast availability of technology and its widespread usage in various medical treatments, the most prevailing stigma expressed in India’s current healthcare sector is the belief that once cancer has been diagnosed, it cannot be stopped and that there is no treatment for it. This website blog will look at some of the significant causes of cancer diagnosis nationwide, and this healthcare facility provides some of the most efficient radiotherapy for cancer treatment.

Common Types Of Cancers:

  1. Breast cancer: Present mostly in women. Breast cancer is caused by the unwarranted and abnormal growth of tumours within female breasts, leading to a lump in the breast and changes within female breasts.
  2. Prostate cancer: Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers in the world today; it forms within the male prostate and severely impacts urination and reproductivity.
  3. Lung Cancer: Another commonly occurring cancer, lung cancer, is caused by excessive smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke. Beyond smoking, exposure to certain environmental toxins can also be a primary reason for a cancer diagnosis.
  4. Colorectal cancer: colorectal cancer usually begins in the colon; early cases have been recorded as non-cancerous polyps and can often be detected by effective screening. Some commonly occurring symptoms include changes in bowel habits and stool consistency. 
  5. Skin cancer: Skin cancer is often caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays that cause melanoma and non-melanoma cancers. In rare cases, skin cancer also occurs in regions of the body not necessarily exposed to ultraviolet rays. Clearmedi Healthcare is acclaimed in the healthcare industry for producing some of the most affordable cancer treatments nationwide.

Leading Causes of Cancer:    

  1. Genetic factors: genetic predisposition is a massive contributor to cancer diagnosis; specific variants of cancer can be passed down from one generation to the other through gene mutations,
  2. Lifestyle factors: There is a significant reason why doctors and medical specialists across the globe emphasize the correct lifestyle habits. This occurs mainly because of activities like smoking, which can contribute to lung cancer, excessive alcohol consumption and obesity. Wildey is acclaimed as the leading cancer treatment hospital in the nation; Clearmedi Healthcare and its team of experts are well-versed in providing the correct degree of lifestyle support to each patient.
  3. Environmental factor: environmental factors such as exposure to excessive UV rays and secondhand smoke are leading contributors to the rise of skin cancer and lung cancer globally. Additionally, exposure to carcinogens is also a leading contributor to cancer complications.
  4. Age: Research has shown that there is a vital correlation between age and the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis; the risk of most cancers increases with an individual’s age since cancerous tumours require time to accumulate and damage the indicated immune system.  

Cancer Treatments At Clearmedi Healthcare

  1. Radiotherapy: Radiation therapy involves the usage of high-energy waves and particles like gamma rays and x-rays to destroy and damage the cancer cells. Radiation therapy aims to thwart the growth of cancer by damaging cancerous cells. Radiation therapy can sometimes harm the healthy tissues near the cancer cells. Providing some of the most advanced cancer therapy treatments in the nation, Clearmedi Healthcare is acclaimed in the healthcare landscape for its medical expertise.     
  2. Chemotherapy: This cancer treatment uses targeted delivery of chemicals to kill cancerous cells. Chemotherapy can be dispersed in a localized or targeted manner to eliminate cancer cells. However, it can be used systematically to target the entire body. 
  3. Immunotherapy: Immune therapies aim to boost the body’s natural defence system to fight cancer. In immunotherapy treatments, doctors use specialized medical substances to restore the body’s immune response and block the unwanted growth of cancer.
  4. Targeted therapy: Similar to its name, targeted therapies target specific genes, proteins, or the environment, contributing to cancer growth and survival. Target therapies are becoming an explored form of cancer treatment to block cancer cells’ growth and spread without causing extraterrestrial damage to other cells.

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