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Trauma and Emergency
Trauma Emergency

ClearMedi is a recognized name across the country when it comes to providing quality Trauma and Emergency Care. ClearMedi chain of medical centres has state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly-qualified doctors and ultra-modern equipment to ensure a swift response to critically ill patients. We provide 24 hours of emergency care to ensure positive outcomes even in the most serious cases.

We understand the value of time and how every second can contribute to the wellness of patients in emergency cases. ClearMedi follows a strict protocol of response to enhance the survival rates for these patients. The medical centres are equipped with ultra-modern technology and equipment to treat and monitor the patients. These units are fully staffed with specialists like Emergency Physicians, Emergency Paramedics and Nurses. These specialists are highly-experienced and are the experts in their respective fields. The staff is compassionate and understands the concerns of the patient’s family. They patiently answer all the queries and follow a minimal procedural approach in such cases.

ClearMedi provides multi-disciplinary emergency care to handle each and every type of case. We have all kinds of specialists ranging from cardiologists to neurologists and they are available round-the-clock. They give singular focus to the patients to ensure that they get timely and appropriate medical care. ClearMedi follows a strict protocol of international standards that have helped in establishing our name in this area of medical care. We also have a few quality metrics like the following to ensure swift action and a smooth and efficient process every single time.

  • Short door to triage time
  • Fast access to neurologists, & neurosurgeons to assess a stroke
  • Short and reasonable door to cath lab (Angioplasty) time
  • Door to needle time (Non – Hemorrhagic Stroke)
  • ClearMedi ensures a world-class Emergency and Trauma Department by giving the following facilities.
  • Sufficient beds in the emergency department. We also have appropriate back up of Trauma for patients who may require prolonged care.
  • Ultra-modern triage area.
  • Emergency Operation Theater only for trauma patients who require urgent surgery.
  • Ambulances with all the latest equipment for pre-hospital care of trauma victims.
  • A mobile unit to monitor the patient’s ECG, noninvasive blood pressure, heartbeat, pulse oxygen saturation and respiration.
When are Trauma and Emergency care needed?

Patients who need emergency assistance are admitted to Emergency Care. ClearMedi’s Emergency Care is fully-equipped to handle everything from sprains to cardiac arrests. Emergency care is needed mostly in the cases of unforeseen and unpredictable situations. Some of the cases that are handled in our Emergency care are:

  • Possible broken limbs.
  • A head injury leading to unconsciousness.
  • Fainting – There are several causes that lead to fainting and need to be evaluated in the Emergency Care. Some of the causes may be nervous system malfunction, heart problems or a drop in blood pressure.
  • Heart attack or a stroke.
  • Severe stomach pains, vomiting or diarrhoea.
  • Burns.

Trauma Center is a special ward that handles extreme cases. Patients who have had life-threatening injuries are admitted here. ClearMedi chain of hospitals has highly-specialized surgeons who work with cutting-edge equipment to increase the chances of survival in such patients. Due to this reason, ClearMedi has become a reliable referral centre for Trauma and Emergency care across the country. We provide comprehensive care to handle all types of medical cases. Our centres are well-equipped to handle cases like:

  • Traumatic car crashes injuries
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Stab wounds
  • Major burns
  • Serious falls
  • Blunt trauma
  • Blunt trauma

ClearMedi promotes a collaborative and team-based model in the Emergency and Trauma Care. It helps in ensuring all the members of the medical team are on the same page about the patient’s condition. This approach enhances our efficiency, communication, safety and patient satisfaction.