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Breaking Barriers: Overcoming myths about Radiation therapy

Cancer has become one of the most stigmatised diseases and problems in today’s day and age. One of the primary reasons for this is the lack of awareness that persists around the disease and the lack of awareness around its treatment modalities. Although various forms of cancer have emerged over the past decades as a form of treatment, the persistent belief in the general population remains that cancer as a disease is untreatable or too expensive to treat for an average person.

Why cancer is such a stigmatised disease:

Persistent misconceptions: despite India’s vast technological growth and the transformation shift that the healthcare industry has taken, cancer treatments through radiotherapy are still a recent possibility; for years, cancer was a complicated disease to treat, and this unavailable has contributed massively to cancer’s reputation as incurable. Incorporating medical innovation with each of their treatments, Clearmedi Healthcare provides some of the country’s most efficient radiation treatment for cancer.

Side effects: The side effects of cancer are apparent, leading to a deteriorated body image; since the side effects of cancer include excessive weight loss, skin changes, and sudden hair loss, patients often find it challenging to navigate their emotional responses properly. This extremism can often lead them to consider cancer as an untreatable disease. Providing some of the most efficient radiotherapy for cancer nationwide, we aim to provide each patient with the correct emotional support.

Culture and social taboos: In India’s culture, various social taboos persist around cancer as a disease, mainly because people who have been diagnosed with the disease are victimized or considered to be weak. This aspect of social rejection often makes cancer a stigmatized disease.

Fear of financial burden: Cancer treatment tends to be very specific and detailed and requires detailed extraterrestrial assistance. This is often abbreviated with high costs and excessive financial needs; this stigma makes cancer a complex disease to treat.

Psychological impact: Cancer as a disease can have various psychological impacts on people as well, beyond the everyday world of treatments and medical needs. One of the various reasons why cancer is stigmatized as a disease is because of the psychological impact it has on individuals and the negative impact it has on them physically.

Leading Myths About Radiotherapy:

Radiation therapy is excruciating: Since cancer is a complicated disease regarding treatment, the correct medical facility can make a vital impact. Since cancer and its symptoms tend to be highly visible, the general misconception regarding it is still the same: radiotherapy is generally a painless procedure quite similar to an X-ray; however, in some instances, it comes with side effects like irritation and fatigue.

Radiation therapy exposes the whole body to radiation: With the advent of advanced technologies, Clearmedi Healthcare, alongside countless leading medical Institutes across the nations, provides precise and targeted therapies that uplift patients collectively by focusing specifically on the cancerous cells we dispense the most efficient and accurate radiotherapies.

Side Effects are always severe: Understanding the vast degree of stigmas and extraterrestrial beliefs that persist around cancer, Clearmedi Healthcare provides some of the most efficacious radiation treatments for cancer. The side effects of radiotherapy often vary on the severity of the cancer and the individual patient; in some instances, the patient undergoes excessive pain, while in other cases, this is minimal.

Radiation therapy is the final treatment resort: since radiotherapy has often been stigmatized as expensive and an extreme modality of treatment, people tend to avoid it and consider it a final resort when other peripheral therapies and medications don’t work. However, radiation therapy is one of the most advanced and efficient modalities of cancer and can often be used in collaboration with other treatments as well.  


Harbouring an environment of medical ingenuity and technological innovations, at Clearmedi Healthcare, our commitment is not just to delivering treatment with the highest ROI but also to providing each patient with the correct degree of medical support, compiling expertise of various leading professions, our cancer care department is acclaimed for providing some of the most efficient radiotherapy for cancer treatments to hundreds of Indians.

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