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Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

With the heightened presence of diabetes and high blood pressure problems emerging with people all across the globe the growing problem that persists is the onset of chronic kidney disease (CKD). responsible for filtering out the blood within your body and ensuring the removal of waste, toxins and excess fluids, kidneys are also essential in maintaining red blood cells and regulation of chemicals in the body. While most individuals simply search “Kidney Specialist Hospital near me” within their search engine, the process of finding the correct medical facility involves a broad outlook on various factors.

Causes Of Chronic Kidney Disease

  1. Diabetes: Diabetes is the leading contributor to chronic kidney disease worldwide
  2. Hypertension: A long term high blood pressure also has negative impacts on the kidney.
  3. Polycystic kidney disease: A polycystic kidney disease is an inherited condition causing the growth of cysts in the kidneys.
  4. Infections: Certain infections can cause kidney damage over time leading to chronic kidney disease.
  5. Kidney obstruction: Conditions that block the urinary tract such as gallstones and enlarged prostates are often referred to as kidney obstruction. 

 Symptoms Of Chronic Kidney Disease:

  1. Fatigue and weakness: Fatigue and weakness occurs due to the buildup of waste products in the blood and underlying anemia.
  2. Edema: Edema refers to swelling caused but the excessive buildup of fluids trapped in the body’s tissues. Edema commonly occurs in the legs and ankles and is often a side-effect of medicine.
  3. Shortness of breath: shortness of breath, also known as dyspnea is a direct result of fluid accumulation within the lungs and sometimes even low iron levels. Widely regarded as the leading Kidney specialist in Mysuru, Clearmedi Healthcare places a vital emphasis on their diagnosis process.
  4. Nocturia: Nocturia is an extreme urinary condition where patients have to wake up more than once to pee. This condition can be triggered by conditions like bladder obstruction    
  5. Pruritus: The general term is used to refer to very itchy skin caused by the accumulation of waste products in the blood.

Widely acclaimed as the leading Kidney specialist in Mysuru, Clearmedi Healthcare is dispensing treatment for hundreds of patients with assistance from advanced german dialysis machines that enhance treatment efficiency and patient recovery.

Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease:

  1. Blood-pressure medications: dispense on the recommendations of doctors and specialists patients suffering from Chronic Kidney DIsease (CKD) can be prescribed medications like angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) or Angiotensin receptor blocker to maintain kidney function.
  2. Diuretics: As mentioned above, patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are often vulnerable to underlying medical conditions like edema which refers to excessive swelling of the feet, diuretics are specific medicines that can help regulate fluids within the body.
  3. Anaemia Medications: Erythropoietin supplements are often prescribed to ensure the production of more blood cells and added iron, these are also helpful in relieving the added fatigue and weakness associated with anaemia.
  4. Cholesterol medications: In certain cases, doctors prescribe medications like statins to lower the cholesterol. Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease also suffer from excessive cholesterol which in turn enhances the risk of peripheral cardiac complications.
  5. Calcium supplements: Calcium and Vitamin D supplements can rejuvenate and revitalize weak bones within the body and reduce the risk of fractures. Additionally, phosphate binder medications are also dispersed to lower the concentration of phosphate within the blood vessels.
  6. Dietary modifications: Widely acclaimed as the leading Kidney specialist in Mysuru, Clearmedi Healthcare understands that dietary changes can vastly help every patient. Chronic kidney disease often impacts the kidneys ability to function and limits their ability to process complex proteins. Hence medical specialists suggest patients to reduce their overall protein intake.
  7. Dialysis: A dialysis treatment is envisaged to artificially remove waste products and extra fluids from the blood, oftentimes the procedure is conducted in assistance with a hemodialysis machine to filter waste and excessive waste from the blood. At ClearMedi Healthcare we provide high-quality dialysis with the latest german DIalysis machine
  8. Kidney Replacement: A kidney transplant involves placing a dysfunctional kidney from a donor into the patient. This treatment approach is deployed in extreme cases and in the aftermath of the operation, patients have to take prescribed medications to avoid organ rejection.

ClearMedi Healthcare: Our Mission and Values

Having performed 10,000 successful surgeries on patients from India and abroad, at Clearmedi Healthcare our essential goal is to dispense medical treatments of the highest quality. We aim to become an internationally acclaimed healthcare organization recognised for our clinical efficiency and technologically oriented approach to providing detailed medical treatments. Led by our core principles of excellence, accountability and patient respect we aim to support each Individual to our best.

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