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Understanding the Role of Radiation Oncologists in Cancer Treatment


All over the world, about every 1 in 5 people develop cancer during their lifetime. Even with today’s technological developments, the mortality rate of cancer is as high as 30 percent. But with time and advancements in the healthcare industry, the experts are constantly working to increase the survival rates.
There are a lot of other factors that need to be considered, including the extensive pain, cost, or psychological impact of the disease on the people. All these factors induce the need to consult the highest-quality healthcare for the treatment. Radiation Oncology, especially at globally renowned organizations including Clearmedi Healthcare, is gaining popularity due to the pain-reduced treatment and minimal side-effects on the patients.

Types of Cancer

Cancer is a complex and fatal disease that starts in one organ; then the cancerous cells might spread rapidly, infecting the whole body. There are various types of cancers depending on the causes, impacts, risks, and treatments.

  1. Breast Cancer: It is the most common type of cancer in women but sometimes can affect men too. It happens when abnormal cancerous cells mutate to develop tissue in the breasts, resulting in the formation of a lump. The various causes can be age, family history, genes, lifestyle or hormonal factors.
  2. Lung Cancer: it is also a common type of cancer where cancerous cells develop in the lungs. It might be caused by excessive smoking, but non-smokers can also develop it due to second-hand smoke, air pollution, or other hazards.
  3. Skin cancer: Skin cancer can be caused due to excessive exposure to the harmful UV radiations of the sun. There might be other causes that might infect the skin with cancerous cells and cause cancer.
  4. Prostate Cancer: Prostate Cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men and occurs with the development of cancerous cells in the prostate gland. The prostate gland is a part of the male reproductive system. Age, family history, genes, or other lifestyle factors might cause it.
  5. Liver Cancer: Liver Cancer happens with the development of cancerous cells in the tissue of the liver. The primary risk factors include hepatitis B/C, cirrhosis, excessive alcohol consumption, or exposure to harmful toxins. This is a serious condition that requires comprehensive and prompt treatment. Clearmedi Healthcare, a well-renowned Global healthcare organization, provides patients with the most innovative and personalized treatments.

Clearmedi Healthcare: Years of Prioritizing Patients Needs

Radiation Treatment for Cancer is the use of targeted and regulated high-energy radiation to kill the cancer cells without causing damage to the nearby tissues. Clearmedi Healthcare possesses clinical expertise and works rigorously to provide the most innovative, affordable, and patient-oriented services to the people. The various factors that make Clearmedi Healthcare an ideal option for diagnosis and treatment are as follows:

  1. Advanced Technology: Radiation therapy is highly categorized by the use of extensive and advanced technology to diagnose and cure cancer. With scientific excellence, state-of-the-art equipment, and a well-experienced team of expert doctors, Clearmedi Healthcare ensures precise treatment and improved outcomes.
  2. Specialized Team: The team of doctors is well-qualified and trained to provide painless, non-invasive Radiation Oncology treatment effectively. With the patient-oriented approach, the Experts at Clearmedi Healthcare help to treat and cure cancer at a fast pace and with minimum side effects.
  3. Hygiene and Personal Care: To ensure minimal side effects and infections, the infrastructure and facilities should be well-equipped and latest. Moreover, there is a crucial need for the maintenance of hygiene and personal care for patients to achieve the best results.
  4. Patient-Centered Care: At Clearmedi Healthcare, the staff focuses on maintaining healthy communication, support, compassion, and patient-centric care to minimize the psychological impacts of the disease. The aim is to give the patients emotional strength and create a comfortable environment for the people.

India’s Leading Radiation Treatment for Cancer

Clearmedi Healthcare is an Oncology care and Diagnostic Radiology hospital with an effective combination of top-notch technology and a team of highly trained experts. The patient-oriented approach, the maintenance of safety standards, cost-effective treatments, and the healthy environment at Clearmedi Healthcare help patients receive an efficient diagnosis and treatment. This makes Clearmedi Healthcare one of the leading Radiation Oncology treatment solutions in the world.

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