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Cancer Screenings: A Crucial Step Towards Early Detection

Despite the emergence of oncology and various medical services across the globe, one of the inherent problems that persist is the need for more quality accuracy, diagnostics, and specialized medical experts. Clearmedi Healthcare has been among the nation’s leading healthcare service providers in over 15 locations. Accredited by the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals) for dispensing high-quality treatment to international and Indian patients in various tier-2 and tier-3 cities, we have access to the latest medical equipment, diagnostic tools and an intrinsic focus on technological advancements.

Cancer Detection Procedure:

  1. Patient Evaluation: Since cancer and its symptoms can be diagnosed by comprehending the patient’s medical history, leading Radiation Oncology specialists across the globe perform an efficient analysis of the patients, which involves a medical history preview, analysis of risk factors, and evaluation of symptoms and their severity.
  2. Diagnostic Imaging: Diagnostic imaging is another heavily specialized medical procedure that aims to generate patient modules to provide technical, technological insight on whether the cancer rumour is and its rate of spread. The most common imaging procedures include X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasound testing.
  3. Laboratory Tests: In various cases, laboratory tests such as blood tests can assist specialists in denoting certain substances and markets that indicate cancer. These include detecting proteins or substances cancer cells produce and the complete blood cell evaluation (CBC).
  4. Biopsy: A Biopsy is designed to extract a minor tissue sample by examining it under a microscope. Biopsies can be performed in 3 primary ways
    1. Fine Needle Aspiration
    2. Core Biopsy
    3. Surgical Biopsy
  5. Pathology analysis: Similar to a biopsy, a pathology analysis aims to collect tissue samples and evaluate them in specialized laboratories to help direct appropriate cancer treatment options. A defined pathology analysis is also vital in determining the type of cancer a patient has.
  6. Cancer Staging: Once the cancer has been detected, a staging procedure is conducted to evaluate the current rate of spread and envisage the desired treatment mediums. This includes alternatives like Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment For Cancer.    

How Early Cancer detection negates positive results:

  1.  Treatment Alternatives: Early cancer detection is critical in dispensing the correct treatment because it provides the patient more time, enables mitigated treatments, and enables Radiation Oncology specialists to provide targeted therapies and radiation.
  2. Augmented Treatment Success: Early detection propels early treatments, and early localized treatments have been shown to carry a greater success rate. Many cancer tumours are more responsive to minute treatments.
  3. Lower treatment Intensity: Early cancer detection is critical because it ensures less aggressive treatments with reduced extraterrestrial side effects. Since the specified cancer is less harmful, the treatment can be more localized and direct, such as Radiotherapy for Cancer treatment.
  4. Affordability: Early and timely cancer detection is critical to ensuring efficacious cost savings for the patient and the medical facility. Cancer treatment at later stages causes more costly interventions.
  5. Enhanced Recovery: Early detection of cancer tumours has been associated with more remarkable patient survival and recovery rates. Since the mediums of treatments for early cancers are less extreme, they also reduce the overall financial burdens.

Cancer Treatment At Clearmedi Healthcare

Home to some of the nation’s most prominent experts and surgeons, Clearmedi Healthcare provides a specialized brand of medical treatments like medical, surgical and radiation oncology. Giving medicine to 5000 cancer patients each year focuses on medical ingenuity and assistance from some of the most efficient machines.

Our surgical oncology experts are assisted with well-equipped ICU centres to guide emergency treatments. Modular operation theatres with minimal infection rates help our surgeons dispense safe and moderate medicines to everyone. We treat various cancers, such as:

  1. Brain Tumors
  2. Head and neck cancer
  3. Breast cancer
  4. Lung cancer
  5. Kidney cancer
  6. Colon cancer
  7. Rectal cancer
  8. Sarcomas
  9. Prostate Cancer
  10. Thyroid Cancer

Beyond providing immunotherapies and radiotherapy for cancer treatments, our expert team of specialists also offers each patient psychological support, patient rehabilitation, and neurological support to support their mental and psychological recovery. At ClearMedi Healthcare, we emphasize dispensing equitable treatment for everyone, everywhere, equally.

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